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Frequently asked questions

Q: Where are the two trees?

A: There are no trees. The restaurant is at the corner of Cypress and Sassafras Streets.

Q: Why isn’t it Two Trees?

A:  It was a simple business decision. We know that grammatically speaking, it should have been Two Trees, but I was in a defiant mood.

Q: What color are the walls in the dining room?

A:  Whipped Apricot. If this is the color that you want to use in that special room, be advised that lighting plays a huge part in the effect. I would only advise using this color when the natural light is from north facing windows.

Q:  Why is this restaurant HERE?

A:  I’ve been asked this question many times and I really don’t know how to answer it. Millington (population 482) is not exactly a metropolis, but I feel very strongly that where ever people may live, they should have a good place to eat. I believe that it is good to live close to work–and since I live in Millington, the restaurant is here. In other words, it is the center of my universe.

Q:  Is there a dress code?

A: The staff at Two Tree is interested in the diner’s comfort. As long as the diner is comfortable in their attire and it meets a modicum of decency so as not to offend (or amuse) other diners, then it meets our standard.

We do have a little sign that reads:

 It is not codified, but we do appreciate it when gentlemen heed the request.

Q:  Who is that old gray-headed man who goes around bothering people in the restaurant?

A: Sorry you asked. That’s me and unfortunately, I have an opinion on just about everything. Recently Dave Wheelan of the Chestertown Spy interviewed me. To see clips from that interview, click here. It goes into more detail as to why the restaurant is here.