Good, Better or Best

“Best” is a word that I try to avoid using. I like for things to be good and I like to be better at what I am doing, but to be the best means that I stop trying to be better, at least long enough to pay close attention to what the competition is doing. When there are qualifiers added to the question of best, it’s a little easier to answer. Proclaiming something to be the best implies that there is knowledge of everything. Since I own this joint and at least in theory, I set the organizational goals, our aim is to always do a better job. If you want to call it the best, then feel free. However, it’s not a proclamation that Two Tree is inclined to make about itself.

That having been said, What’s Up Magazine runs the “Best of the Eastern Shore” contest every January and Two Tree has been named “best of” in a few categories. As much as I’d like to think that it is because Two Tree is the best, I know better. It’s really because people like you have taken the time to vote. When the time comes around, I would ask that you take that time and do it. While you’re voting, think “Two Tree”.  If it happens that Two Tree is once again named “Best of”, I promise that it will not go to our heads and the restaurant will keep trying to be better. You just may see a plaque on the wall of the restaurant and you’ll have the added benefit of knowing that you helped put it there.

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